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Camilo Arenas was born in Chile in 1974 during the dictatorship. Its Latin American passion leads him on a long journey to Brazil Amazonian Peru, Bolivia... During this trip he made to survive more than 3 000 works sold on the sly on public spaces, local markets and festivals. 



The characters he paints come in his brush diversity of lived atmospheres, they will transcended by the light and power of the place. All these works are sometimes from the harsh reality, drink from the magic of the day and night universe, such as water and re to Bachelardian sense. If the land is sometimes paint oating citing forests, Andean peaks, or coastline without the great ocean and led by the colors of the Hispanic Baroque to the fantasy.

This trip so we collect a permanent world illuminated the fragility of the ephemeral. 


"A painting lives in the light of time and the one who discovers it."

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